The Best Ways to Take Care of Long Hair

Long lustrous locks falling over the face and flowing down the shoulders is one thing any damsel can be truly proud of. Taking care of such precious hair becomes more of a necessity than a choice, but it isn’t easy.

Caring for long hair becomes a nightmare, making people want to go to the nearest salon and get a haircut, or worse, chop them off brutally with a scissor at home. Before you get any ideas and go looking for a pair of scissors, read through until the end to learn how to effortlessly manage long hair while keeping their radiance intact.

Spoil Your Hair With Hydrating Treatments at Least Twice a Week

No, we aren’t suggesting a trip to the salon twice a week! You can do the hair treatment at home. One of the most crucial secrets behind hair care is nourishing them with oils and letting them breathe on their own. This becomes more vital if you use heat to style your long hair on a regular basis. Using coconut oil or olive oil to nurture your hair can make a remarkable difference in the texture and feel of your hair.

Ditch the Towel and Bring Out Your Old T-Shirts

Yes, you read that right! Let go of wrapping your hair in a towel after every wash and instead use t-shirts for the job. The chances of your hair getting damaged or frizzing out on you will be reduced significantly if you use a less textured material to wrap around your head. Don’t worry, t-shirts can be equally absorbent.

Lay Off the Heating Tools Whenever Possible

This is one tip you must have heard thousands of times by uncountable people - It is actually true. By using hair dryers, straightening irons and curling rods, you are basically burning your hair with heat and nothing that gets burnt gets its glow back. If you cannot survive without the use of these electrical instruments, then turn the heat intensity down to a minimum so you can reduce the extent of potential damage. Go for hair repair treatments to gain your natural shine back. Just by reducing the amount of heat exposure, you will see a tremendous difference in the overall health of your hair.

Keep Those Long Strands Tied Up Whenever Possible

Yes, we realize that you want to show off your long beautiful hair every day, but trust us when we say that leaving your hair open does more harm than good. Whenever you go to bed, make it a habit of tying your hair with a scrunchy or plastic hair band that does not pull at the roots of your hair.

When it is windy avoid letting your hair fly all over the place as detangling it will take you ages and result in breakage. On a regular day, go for updos instead of letting your hair flow freely. It will be less of a hassle and your hair will be protected from the damaging effect of environmental elements. However, refrain from tying your hair too tightly as it can damage the roots.

Taking care of long hair will mean that you have to spend some time looking after them; this is a task you cannot avoid. If you are in love with your hair, keeping them healthy, long and shiny will require efforts that will absolutely be worth it!