How to Texturize Fine Hair Like a Pro

Some people want pin-straight hair, while others are all about volume and luster. Unfortunately, it seems most people who want volume have lack-luster hair.

If you're looking to become a hair stylist, then it's important to know products and techniques that will give them the look they desire. One common request is to texturize fine hair.

In the following, we will cover some of the ways you can give your clients the volume they're looking for.

Let's begin!

Use Shampoo that Will Help Texturize Fine Hair

Obviously, you want to use products designed to help volumize your hair. You'll find that there are many on the market, so pay attention to customer reviews. The key is to find one that is formulated to remove oils and residue from your hair that can weigh it down.

Then at the same time, it will coat your hairs with protein to help the strands appear thicker. As always, make sure to remove all of the shampoo, but don't over rinse to where it makes a squeaking sound when you rub your fingers through it.

Apply a Conditioner that Will Texturize Fine Hair

It's always best to get a volumizing conditioner from the same brand as the volumizing shampoo. Place only about a quarter-sized amount in your palm and then rub your hands together.

Run both through the scalp to the ends, then wait two to three minutes before rinsing with cool water. Hot water will only dry your hair and cause frizz.

Avoid Hair Drying/Detangling Bad Practices

After washing, use a towel to soak up the excess moisture. Don't rub it so it doesn't tug out any strands. You should also opt for a large tooth comb to get the tangles out without too much shedding. Also, never brush hair while it's wet.

You can apply a dime-sized amount of texturizing wax and comb it through the strands. Then blow dry the hair on a low heat setting. With your other hand, crunch the strands and lift it from the roots to help add more volume.

Massage the Scalp

No, this isn't to help your client go to sleep or relax, although they may need to do both. Massaging the scalp will help stimulate the area, which will feed nutrients to your hair follicles. This will in turn help with growth and thickening of your hair.

Encourage your clients to do the same when they're at home.

Identify Whether they Have Dry or Oily Hair

Some people produce additional oils and others lack them. If the client has oily hair all the time, then you should use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for oily, thin hair and vice versa.

Those who have dry scalps should also use natural oils like jojoba to help moisturize the scalp and aid in growth. Dry skin is flaky and this will only cause hair shed with the skin.

Learn More About Styling Hair to Be Voluminous

If you're interested in becoming a hair stylist, then it's time to get enrolled in a cosmetology course. This is a great time to get your cosmetology license, especially with the high demand for new and intriguing looks.

This is for you if you enjoy making others happy and if you have great vision and creativity. You can learn more about studying to be a hair stylist by visiting our TONI&GUY Academy.