How to Perfect Your First Client Consultation

First impressions are everything.

It's hard enough to build trust with a complete stranger. But as a professional hairstylist, you have to win them over enough to let you completely change the way they look!

The client's nervous because someone they just met is about to hold a large pair of scissors very close to their face. And you're nervous because you want them to love the work you do and come back for more.

So, how do you nail a first client consultation?

Read on as we walk you through a perfect first client encounter:

Set The Client at Ease With The Client Consultation

Before anything else, make sure your client is comfortable and relaxed. Greet them with a smile!

For most people, their hairstyle is a huge part of their identity. Getting the first cut with someone they don't know can be nervewracking. Reassure them by having a positive attitude and easy flow of conversation.

Build Rapport

Listening builds trust. By making sure the conversation is mostly about them, your client will feel as though you truly care about getting them the hair they'll love.

Remember, be engaged and ready to answer any questions immediately. Be sensitive to your client's body language.

Gather Information You Need

By asking the right questions and touching your client's hair before you get started, you can begin to make a game plan in your head.

Avoid sounding cold or robotic as you work through your list of questions. Keep the friendly report going, and never appear impatient.

Let Them Know What You're Thinking

Your client obviously came to you because they crave your expert opinion. Get excited for them when they describe what they want, but also be honest with them.

If you know that what your client is asking for will not translate to their hair type, tell them. And give them the professional advice they'll need to maintain whatever you do when they're at home alone later.

Agree On the Same Goal Loud and Clear

Before you touch any tools, make sure you have a resounding "yes" from your client regarding your game plan. And make sure you come across as confident and excited about the end goal as you dive into hair prep.

The Client Consultation is Key

You never get a second chance at a first impression, or so the saying goes.

There is so much to be gained by nailing the first client consultation.

By the time you're through, your client will not only walk away with great hair. They'll walk away with the memory of a fantastic conversation, and an eagerness to come see you again.

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