How-To Cut & Style A Modern-Glam Revenge Mullet

"Business in the front and party in the back," as the saying goes, is the what the mullet is all about. The hairstyle is simple. You must have a lower section of hair in the back of the head that's longer than the rest. To start, you will need to slick your hair back with mousse while simultaneously blow-drying your hair and flaring it with your fingers. This blow-drying technique is what gives it it's signature volume.

The mullet came around in the 80's as part of the drugs, sex, and rock and roll movement bridged into mainstream pop culture. Some celebrities and characters have been known to have rocked a mullet in their day including, Hulk Hogan, David Bowie, Kenny Powers, and even Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch.

While the traditional mullet takes a whopping 2 out of 5 stars on the "difficulty-to-style scale", we'll show you how to create TONI&GUY's stylishly modern variation of this look. It's called the "revenge mullet"!

Step-by-Step Revenge Mullet Haircut from The Venice Project

The TONI&GUY Venice Project collection is comprised of an array “sea-punk” aesthetics with a wide variety of hip and modern women’s hairstyles that are taking over the West Coast. The revenge mullet look you'll see Zak Mascolo crafting here is one from this collection:

23 Steps to Recreate The Revenge Mullet

  1. Establish a profile parting.
  2. Take a radial parting from the top of the crown to the top of each ear on both sides.
  3. Take a profile section.
  4. Come perpendicular.
  5. Cut a round layer guideline.
  6. Comb the profile guide forward.
  7. Split the profile guide.
  8. Take a horizontal section, and come perpendicular.
  9. Cut round to follow the guide.
  10. Repeat on the opposite side.
  11. Over direct the last hairline section over the previous to allow for the recession area.
  12. Behind the radial, take a vertical section from above the crown to the neck.
  13. Come perpendicular and cut a disconnected guide square.

See more hairstyles from the Venice Collection here. Schedule a tour of our cosmetology school today!