15 Back To School Hairstyles You and Your Friends Need To Have In 2017

In the heat of the summer, getting yourself a hairstyle that can keep you cool and still look classy isn’t an easy task. Fighting the heat and humidity while styling your hair and having sweat and frizz ruining your desired look is everyone’s nightmare. Besides, no one has the time to spend on intricate braids and high maintenance buns. You can easily save yourself from having a bad hair day with these simple back to school hairstyles, some of which are inspired by celebrities.


These looks are exactly what your hair needs to take on the humidity and hold up perfectly on the hottest of summer days. These hairdos are so good that you will want to wear them all season long!


Top Knot with a Train

Source: http://www.seventeen.com/beauty/celeb-beauty/g460/back-to-school-beauty-inspiration/?slide=1

This is the perfect look for those lazy mornings when you keep hitting snooze till the last minute. You can easily make this hairstyle by making a high pony without disturbing the central part of your hair. Fold the ponytail in half and secure with bobby pins leaving the end of the ponytail hanging out.


Smooth Low Ponytail



A low ponytail is one of the easiest looks to pull off during the summer, especially because of the sleek and polished look it gives despite the heat. Make sure you wash and condition your hair before you make the ponytail to avoid frizz.


The Chunky Top Knot



This look by Lauren Conrad gives a slight messy touch to the bun. Don’t try to make the bun look perfect, it’s the imperfections that give it a soft look. Use large bobby pins to secure the bun in place and finish off with loads of hairspray especially to control the flyaway around the hairline.


Pinned Back Volume


You need to have slightly textured hair in order to pull off this look by Yara Shahidi. Curl your strands and pin back the sides of your hair behind your ear for a neat finish. You can tease out the remaining hair for volume.


Shiny Waves


Blow dry your hair, style your strands with a curling iron and then use a multi-purpose serum to weigh down your curls. This look is simple and can be achieved without much effort.


Beachy Waves


No matter what the length of your hair is, you can easily pull off this look by scrunching your hair and letting it air dry. You will get laid back waves and in case you want more polish and volume, you can curl a few strands for finishing.


The Falling Down Updo


Give your hair a few twists using a curling iron with a one-inch barrel and pin them into a low updo. Leaving a few curls around the face gives a soft look and requires no extra products except a little hairspray to hold it in place.


The Messy Milk Maid Braid



Pull your hair to one side and make a regular braid or a fishtail and pull it around the front of your hairline. Secure the end of the braid behind your hair and pull out a few layers to give it an imperfectly perfect look.


Let’s not forget men’s hairstyles that have shown so much diversity over the recent years which stand out among the crowd.


Side Part Hairstyle

Source: https://www.instagram.com/we_married_hair/

This classic men’s hairstyle features longer and looser hair. The hair is parted on one side for a voluminous look with added texture. It is a style that complements most face shapes.


Fade Cut with Textured Top



This stylish look has a textured top and crown with a slight comb lift at the front. Sides and back have a high face cut to create a fresh and smooth finishing.


The Drop


This shape up hairstyle features texture and volume on top with a spiky look. The back and sides are tapered with a sharp fade and disconnecting beard.


The Cropped Look


In case you have massively thick hair, you can give it a box shaped cut faded from the skin high up. A more detailed look can be created by adding a cropped fringe.


Afro Bits


This is a mixture of afro and faded cuts that style hair into curls to give visual volume. The sides are faded to give a distinctive new look. This is a top choice for people with curly hair.


Curls and Sharp Edges


If you want to give a new look to your curly hair, this style is not only elegant but also has a clean finish; perfect for the summer. Sides have a skin fade with a blunt point at the back for an edgy touch.


The Half Pomp


This half pompadour look makes the face look more elongated with an added texture for elegance. The undercut styles make this hairdo easy to maintain.

This was just a brief list of popular hairdos for both girls and boys. You can mix and match so that you can spend your summer in style!