Hair Tutorial: Disconnected Asymmetrical Bob

Welcome to another TONI&GUY Hair Tutorial presented to you by none other than Zak Mascolo! In this tutorial we break down the techniques used in creating a disconnected asymmetrical bob:


  1. First we curved a diagonal back from the high recession area onto the top of the opposite ear.

  2. We then follow up with a scissor over comb at the neckline to accentuate more of the asymmetry.

  3. On the top area, we dropped it down with a side profile section, cut straight up & followed the around the head to create a guideline through while leaving a slight disconnection through the back area. Then working into our preexisting fringe.

  4. Once the hair is dry, we came back in with quite a bit of deep parallel point cutting, channel cutting, slicing to remove weight and create separation in the hair.


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