Advanced Education

For our entire history, TONI&GUY® has remained grounded in one thing: education. As we have grown and experienced success in developing products, opening salons, and creating fashion-forward collections, our focus has never strayed. We are committed to creating real hair for real people, innovative collections that inspire, and advanced cosmetology programs that cultivate skills for licensed beauty professionals.

"After 50 years in the beauty industry, we still continue to push the creative line with our collections and education. We work to equip hairdressers with everyday tools and techniques to create hairstyles that are salon-viable and fashion-forward. Our educators are approachable, and our education is developed so any level of hairdresser, whether new or a veteran to the game, will leave with something new and inspiring." - Zak Mascolo, TONI&GUY National Creative Director

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Advanced Education Availability

  • Courses at TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academies: TONI&GUY Advanced Education courses are regularly available at a few of our beauty school locations. From Modern Classics to Advanced Colour, learn more about our advanced cosmetology courses.
  • Special events at our academies and salons: Special Advanced Education events are offered throughout the year at our beauty schools and hair salons across the nation. Contact us to see what's offered near you!
  • On-site workshops at local salons: Want to host a seminar on a specific advanced technique at your local salon? Schedule a customized Advanced Education event provided by prestigious TONI&GUY Artistic TeamContact us today to get started!

Our ultimate goal is to give you and your fellow licensed hairdressers insight into the possibilities of the beauty industry and help you progress along your chosen career paths. TONI&GUY Advanced Education offers the best in advanced cosmetology classes while also opening your eyes to the limitless opportunities in hairdressing.

*Advanced Education classes and courses are for current licensed professionals and financial aid is not available.

Graduate Discounts

We are committed to providing top-notch cosmetology education to our students during their time at our cosmetology schools. We are also committed to the professional success of our graduates. All TONI&GUY graduates are eligible for a lifetime discount of 50% off courses at Advanced Academy locations and 25% off Advanced Education courses featured On The Road.

Advanced Education classes and courses are for current licensed professionals and financial aid is not available. 50% discount is available at the Costa Mesa, Santa Monica and Dallas locations only. A 25% discount is available for all other locations.